Time stops at a complex and devious golden machinery. Reminiscence of wild style calligraphy.

Larios Priest forgive us by drowning ourselves in our own arrogance for believing we are inmortals. As a persistent evangelist he promises to show us the way.

The Late Night Habitat in wich we develop as a collective drags us in to our darkest desires and neon lights fill our visions.

A corrupted scenario as disturbing as full of sick lust taken by La Domination and her ruling power

Tags that emerges and mixes with their own, and with their absence draws a landscape in a colourfull and impulsive way. Visual paradise in constant growth. 

The Geisha with her amazing creativity slides soft and categorical strokes that confronts with an unreal abstract chaos that represents the oriental side at his most.

Moved by the great aceptance of Panda Collective in the country and in gratitude ( in apreciation*) it is shown a big linear composition and a variety of the flag colors.

Known by “the brigadier” a high rank militar ex officer expelled by council of way from the army, he only keeps his uniform and his passion about his medals that replaces with his 24 karat chain.

As years go by, the result represents as if it were a piece of History, part of our experience when we cross an eroded wall.
Thrown with wounded balance the paint provokes vampire’s primitive desires, as he is vegan by necessity.