Arts Space

PANDA COLLECTIVE is today´s most cutting-edge urban art collective and Aqualium is collaborating with his meteoric career. His performances and graffitis leaves no one indifferent. They are currently exhibiting in “El Espacio de las Artes” in El Corte Inglés of Castellana. You can access to his works in Panda Collective
No matter the way we look at it, Art is not just creation ( the painter and his canvas, the sculptor and his tools, the video-artist planning his installation, etc..) Art is, the most, that encounter with the spectator, this is why Panda Collective is pleased to introduce a part of its collection in “ El Espacio de las Artes” in El Corte Ingles of Castellana, a fusion of styles, with a closeness to the purest street style with abstract nuances, illustrations etc that will make all kind of audiences to enjoy, to whom we invite to enjoy everything that makes us escape when we are dedicated to what we truly love , paint and create with people whom we admire and want within our collective, come and enjoy our work, reminding everyone that: Art without an audience is anything but Art!