About us

Getting to the workshop and finding your mate working or about to, creates a great action enviroment.
It was inevitable that Panda Time emerge as a ritual of creation, and even more with the masks. Unlimited possibilities.
Since then, and until now, a great friendship and a commitement towards the collective with our art, we want to offer you the best we have. Love for Art. Panda Collective.

Vegan Vampire

Despiste of the development of his era, thru the years as a farmer he only uses his bare hands to work the land, for the amuzement of those who watch him only when he works at night and always alone.
He is known by his fondness of the night life as well as for his outdated guise.
His improvised discussions about fetishism displayed even more his auto-vampirism, that arise in his infacy induce by the traditional slaughtering of animals in the area.
Now with the Priest’s help tries despetately to stop his own fall out towards a conpulsive attitude.

Larios Priest

A scarce attendance at the parish and doubtful methods set aside this priest that fights his own battle against the Church, due to their inmobility and permissibility towards sinners.
Secluded, spends most of the time devoted to study old scripts and faith treaties, tries to rescue the ones he considers lost, he confronts them with their own vices, taking them to the limit.
Frequently acompannied by the vampire, an alcoholic farmer from the village where he attends his parish; both developes their rituals and ceremonies full of spiritual sacrifices.


Condemned by recklessness and negligence when he led a rescue troop, due to his high risk acts one of his men suffered a severe brain injury and he manage to evade justice by disguising himself as a watch shop owner.
There is where he meets Larios Priest, away from voyeur and extremely dark past “The first time he walk through that door with his coat and this manners in between polite and cold, shows his interest about military pieces. Is like those antique war watches, strong and ready to put up with extreme conditions, now being sold for a handful of euros” says in between sips of Gin.